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Join us as we share the pillars of a secure and thriving marriage.

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We are Jonny and Pietze. We have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful kids. We got married when we were practically babies, and despite really loving each other we found ourselves hitting trial after trial in life. Because we didn’t know how to process our emotions and work through life’s Challenges as a team, we found ourselves in a mess of marriage, pain, and Trauma. That sent us both into a deep dive in healing our pasts, our marriage, and rebuilding our life and family. We are now living in the goodness of the hard work of repair, and are enjoying the life we set out to live when we first got married. We spend our time helping others go on their journeys of healing. In addition to consulting individuals, couples and families, we also develop and run online courses and can be heard on the connected life podcast regularly. When not working you can find us hanging with our favorite people…our kids, going on adventures, or doing our favorite thing in the world….absolutely nothing.

Pietze + Jonny

The Selah Sessions

The Selah Sessions are 4 audio meditations I created to help release stress, anxiety, and fear.  With a combined total length of 45 minutes these sessions are designed to help you find a daily sense of peace, freedom, and wholeness in God, in the midst of a world in chaos.  You can purchase all 4 sessions for $25

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Pietze + Jonny