The Selah Sessions

The Selah Sessions are 4 audio meditations I created to help release stress, anxiety, and fear.  With a combined total length of 45 minutes these sessions are designed to help you find a daily sense of peace, freedom, and wholeness in God, in the midst of a world in chaos.  You can purchase all 4 sessions for $25

  Hi Friends !  


My name is Pietze. My life so far has been quite the journey. I’ve made some big mistakes, but I’ve also learned a lot along the way. My biggest breakthroughs in life came on the heels of having my life fall apart and contemplating leaving my husband. I realized in that dark space, that although many circumstances of my life were out of control, the way I was thinking, and in turn experiencing life, was completely within my control. This spurred a 10-year journey of growing in emotional health, breaking agreement with a victim mentality, and living the life God has always intended for me.  My passion is to help others do the same. When speaking to large groups or consulting one-on-one, my heart is to see people set free and live the abundant life God has for them.


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For all questions and inquiries about my Life Consulting services, or if you are interested in having me as a speaker at your event...Please email me at