Join us as we share the pillars of a secure and thriving marriage.
Get ready to embark on a weekend that will redefine the very core of your relationship! We’re thrilled to announce our first ever virtual marriage conference. Join us for a transformative journey designed to help you rebuild, repair, and strengthen the foundations of your relationship. This conference is designed to elevate your relationship, offering insights and tools that will make you rethink the way you see yourself, your spouse, and your relationship.

After having our marriage unravel, and feeling at the end of our rope, we found that we had a-lot to learn about ourselves and each-other, working together to rebuild and repair our relationship. We use this personal experience, paired with psychology, emotional health, and the foundations of our faith to help couples go on transformative journeys of building healthy functioning marriages and families.

Our relationships are only as good as the stress they can endure, and our goal is to give you actionable steps to creating a thriving partnership and a secure bond that can withstand the hardships of marriage, family, and life.

If you’re a couple who is finding yourself in a chronic fighting cycle, feeling disconnected and distant, or just wanting to build an even more secure close connection, you will find essential tools and like minded people who can understand the depths of your struggle here.

Our goal always is to help couples build relationships that become a source of peace and joy, a place where you feel life and safety. We hope You can join us! No matter how rocky its been there is always a path to heal and rebuild.  Below you will find details outlining the conference and a link to apply.

– Pietze + Jonny



  • The virtual conference will take place April 11th- 14th

Conference Outline:

All times are Mountain Time (US & Canada)

  • Session 1 | Thinking about Marriage Differently
    Thursday April 11th 6-8 PM


  • Session 2 | Understanding and Creating Secure Attachment
    Friday April 12th 6-8 PM


  • Session 3 | Co-Managing Activation and Distress States
    Saturday April 13th 9:30-11:30 AM


  • Session 4 | Creating Secure Functioning
    Saturday April 13th 5-7 PM


  • Session 5 | Where Do We Go From Here? & Final Q&A
    Sunday April 14th 10 AM

Included in the Conference:

  • 3 pre-recorded preparation video teachings that will be drop on March 25th to get you prepared for the live conference.
  • 5 live interactive 2 hour sessions with teachings and q&a’s.
  • PDF notes from each session.
  • Homework/exercises to do with your spouse at your leisure.
  • Access to all of the content including recordings of the live sessions until August 31st 2024 so you can go back and rewatch with your spouse.


  • Conference Registration cost is $350 (this price is the same for couples or those joining as individuals)
  • Early Bird Discount is available Now-March 1st.  Save $70 at registration. Use coupon code: earlybird

*There is an application process, this is mostly so we can make sure we will be a good fit for you as well as understand the needs of the couples participating.  Basically a way for us to get to know you a little, this must be filled out. Once filled out and submitted we will review your application and if approved, we will send you the registration link.  Applying is no commitment and 100% free, payment is due upon registration.

It’s hard to put into words how much Pietze and Jonny have impacted my marriage, relationships and life in general. Their wisdom and guidance is truly unmatched and it’s because they have personal experience overcoming so many different challenges and hardships in their own lives. I feel seen, validated, challenged, hopeful and changed every time I finish a session with them. I couldn’t imagine going on this emotional healing journey with anyone else. They are the best of the best and I recommend them to everyone!


The work we have done with Pietze has been the most helpful and transformational work we have ever done. We have seen counselors for years, done every kind of marriage and inner healing ministry available and were told by more than one counselor that we just needed to separate. Pietze took the time to hear our stories and understand just how much trauma we have been in and help us get healing to all the parts of our story that have caused so many hurts. She worked to create so much safety for us and help us begin to create safety with each other. We have a long way to go, but for the first time in our relationship, we actually believe that we can have safety with each other and not live in a constant state of threat.
Pietze has worked tirelessly to understand how trauma in a marriage combined with attachment styles has dramatically impacted the success of marriage. She has helped us to understand that the trauma in our marriage combined with our individual survival responses has created so much threat between us. Now she is helping us create safety and secure functioning. We see so much hope for our marriage for the first time in a very long time. We are so grateful for the ways she has helped and is continuing to help us.


Pietze is so compassionate and validating, offering a safe and loving presence, she truly is a healing balm for hurting hearts. The quality of care she offers us in our marriage is so extraordinary. We can tell she is personally invested in us and deeply cares about the health of our marriage. She is amazing at holding each side of the story without judgement or favoritism—creating safety for us both to vulnerably open up. The practical skills she has taught us coupled with her knowledge and safe demeanor has brought tremendous help and healing in our marriage. We are so grateful for her!


We have been talking with Pietze for about 6 months now, and it has literally been a life-saver for our marriage relationship. My husband and I have been working through betrayal trauma in our marriage, and we desperately needed help. She is phenomenal with giving practical advice and tools for both of us to feel safe, loved, and heard! There is never a time, we have not been met with compassion and care. Her knowledge of emotional health and how the brain works is so helpful in healing your heart and letting love in! My husband has been talking to Jonny as well. He has been so compassionate towards him and is amazing at creating a Shame-free atmosphere. Kevin said, He always makes him feel seen and genuinely cares for his heart….
We are just so grateful for both of them and their kindness in coaching us through this process called life!


– Kevin and Lynn

In a time of trauma and turmoil, we firmly believe that God placed these two in our lives to bring us peace and rescue our marriage. Pietze and Jonny breathe fresh life into us and restore our hope every time that we meet with them. In our line of work we interact with countless health providers and counselors but these two stand out above the rest. Pietze and Jonny’s words speak beyond life coaching and move in prophetic truth. If anyone is fortunate enough to meet with them, we are confident that blessing will surely follow. We praise God for the Duffields and the remarkable change that they will forever mean to our little family.


Dan and Jenna

Prep Sessions

Understanding The Window of Tolerance

In this preparation video, we will explain how the nervous system works, what the window of tolerance is and what arousal states are (not what you think it is) so you can understand and identify how you and your partner’s nervous systems work.

Understanding Attachment Theory

In this preparation video, we will give you a crash course in attachment theory, so you can understand what you and your partner’s attachment styles are.

Understanding your threat responses

In this preparation video, we will break down different maladaptive behaviors so you can identify and understand what you and your partner’s responses to threat are.

Save $70 | register by March 1st to receive the early bird discount.








Main Sessions

Session 1 : Thinking about Marriage Differently

In our first live session, we will break down why most of the biggest issues relationships face are not actually communication, sex, money and kids but something much deeper that creates these common issues. We will breakdown what the obstacles are to creating a secure loving relationship and why it’s so hard to achieve. We will also show you how to start to look at your relationship and your partner differently in order to create a secure lasting bond.   

Session 2 : Understanding and Creating Secure Attachment.

In this session, we will talk about how each partner’s attachment styles interact and how that interaction can create issues, trauma, and bad cycles in the relationship that keep you stuck. We will show how to fix some of these common problems so you can both move towards secure healthy attachment together that creates peace, closeness, and a sense of safe independence in the relationship.

Session 3 : Co-Managing Activation and Distress States

In this session, we will break down how each of your nervous system states are behind much of the disconnection, fighting, and distress you find yourself in. We will show you how to identify these states not only in yourself but also your partner in order to deactivate them and move towards peace, calm, and connection together.

Session 4 : Creating Secure Functioning

In this session, we will show you how to function together in a secure way even when you see and go about things totally differently. We will show you how to function in honesty and collaboration with each other in order to achieve the goal of becoming a secure functioning team as you move through life and face its challenges together.

Session 5 : Where Do We Go From Here? & Final Q&A

In this session, we will pull all the information together and give you our final thoughts about how to take everything we have talked about and apply it to your relationship but also cast vision for how applying the principals can transform your relationship. We will also end with a Q&A.

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