Life Consulting

What does Life consulting
look like with us?
We are biblically rooted, trauma informed life consultants….meaning we take an approach that balances between spirit filled pastoral care, emotional health, mental health, life coaching, and a whole lotta the school of hard knocks.
We have had to walk down the path of healing out of pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, religious trauma, and a broken marriage, Yup we are pretty messy humans. After trying everything we finally found ways to not only heal but grow and change in order to have the marriage, family, and life we always dreamed of. So we pull not only on what we know but also our own life experience to help others find the path of healing to becoming who they really are.
We each work with individuals, couples, and families. We do not typically do sessions together except in special circumstances so if you are interested in meeting with us please specify wether you are interested in meeting with Pietze or Jonny, or if you are open to meeting with either. We do our sessions via zoom and phone calls. We only take a limited number of people at a time because we really invest in the people we meet with not just in sessions, but also in prayer, and strategizing outside of sessions for each one of our clients. This mean we often have a waiting list and can not guarantee the length of wait.
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